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These are the people who help to make animation become reality. The wonderful Staff at Plymptoons! New York City's finest...artists! Ladies and gentlemen: Behind the scenes of Revengeance! (Not in any order) Giulia, Ingrida, Michael, CC, Wendy!  Our man Michael is an in-betweening man machine master! What's THAT there on your screen? A sneaky peekie? Cool stuff ahead! These are some of the lovely folks at Plymptoons that help make the wheels turn and the cartoons churn. Our hard working staff of Revengeance. Producer Wendy Zhao keeping the line flowing like a pro.  We thank them for their incredibly cool contributions and wanted YOU the viewer to know just how awesome they all are!


Here's where Bill Plympton creates much of his magic and mayhem. The mighty Plymptoons drawing table in all of it's pencil and ink glory! This table has seen a few Idiots and Angels in it's time. Somewhere in New York City, this table is seeing serious action with bikers chasing a young girl and bounty hunters battling each other for a piece of the action. Bill is HAND DRAWING the film using Jim Lujan's character designs as reference. If you look closely, you can see Lujan's designs for Rod Rosse. More on that guy soon!

MEET SENATOR DEATHFACE(Jim Lujan's character design)

Jim Lujan's Character design for Senator Deathface. Well, here it is folks...your first taste of a character from the Bill Plympton/Jim Lujan film REVENGEANCE (currently in production). This is Jim Lujan's version of the character to be drawn by Bill Plympton. This fine looking fellow goes by the name DEATHFACE ..... Senator Deathface, if you don't mind. He is as shady as a lady with a mustache. As evil as a poacher in a pet store. As mean as a hornet with get the picture ....he is a bad bad man.He is one to put the smack down on anyone dumb enough to stand up to him (He's 6'5 so that's hard to do). And how does one become a State Senator with a checkered past and a tattoo on his face? Well, lets just say he's got high friends in low places. His security force is none other than the dreaded INLAND EMPERORS . A motorcycle club he just happens to be the leader of. Ain't politics grand?


Design: Jim Lujan/Eddie Gee Who are the INLAND EMPERORS ? They are the fictional biker gang featured in the film REVENGEANCE (currently in production). They ride hard and die free.  Feared, dreaded, and more than ready to lay the smack down on anyone who gets in their way. From the Inland Empire high desert of southern California all the way to the glitzy streets of Beverly Hills, their rumbling engines can be felt. They come from shady beginnings and have ruthlessly risen to the top of the heap, as far as outlaw biker clubs go. Do they give outlaw bikers a bad name? Yes... and they will punch you in the mouth if you tell them so. Ride Hard and die free, my friends. More to come soon.