Friday, August 22, 2014

THE BIKER DEN (Lujan/Plympton versions)

Jim Lujan's biker den rough design and layout. Notes to Bill are usually included.
Bill Plympton's fully finished animated version of the biker den.
Here's a great example of the Revengeance art creation process. Jim Lujan designed the biker den, complete with slumbering bikers, posters for the motorcycle club, beer bottles, girly calendars, wood paneling -etc. Once Lujan finishes the design, he hands them off to Bill Plympton who goes to town on them adding his own style and flare. Colors are matched (like in this case) or modified by Sandrine Plympton. And there you have it- The Revengeance art creation method. A fully effective and cool hybrid between both artists own unique styles!

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