Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Jim Lujan and Dave Foley discuss the Stella Adler method and prepare to thumb wrestle.
Dave in a box.
We all need a human touch.
Dave signed the booth.
Dave Foley: Street tagger.
Dave stares into Jim's mind.
Ken Mora, Jim Lujan, and Diamond Dave Foley.
Dave holding up one of his characters.

Yesterday we had the honor/privilege/thrill of having the talented and beautiful Dave Foley record with us. Dave did the voices for two characters (more on that soon) and was recorded at Ken Mora's Belle Fe Studios. We laughed, we cried, we hugged for uncomfortable amounts of time. While it wasn't PIXAR recording studios, Dave said he had a really fun time...plus we had Chinese food! All being said, Dave was one of the genuinely coolest guys you could ever hope to work with. He is the real deal. Such a pro and so so so good. We feel extremely grateful that he is a part of this film. He's a huge Plympton fan. Thanks Dave!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Get to know Mama Rosse. Rod's Mom and the brains behind Rosse Bail Bonds. Specialty: Computer hacking and weapon invention. Fondness for cats. Don't mess with this senior, citizen!


NEW YORK CITY- Starting August 3rd- REVENGEANCE will be begin playing for a one week engagement at the fantastic IFC Center in New Yor...