Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WHO IS ROD ROSSE (the One Man Posse)?

Rod Rosse the One Man Posse by Jim Lujan
 Just who is this guy Rod Rosse the One Man Posse? Well, Rod is a complicated fellow and a bounty hunter who will use any means necessary to catch his targets (and we mean any). Mostly, he likes to "roofie" them, and cuff them when they are "lights out".  He's what happens when you take one part Don Knotts and one part Steve Buscemi, and mixed it with a whole lot of sneaky little bastard. He and his mother run Rosse Bail Bonds in Long Beach, CA.

Bill Plympton's first take on Rod Rosse
As you can see above, this is Bill Plympton's very cool take on the character. Rod Rosse has a signature comb-over, which Bill has since added. The thing about Rod Rosse is he can take a licking and keeps on taking another licking. He's an expert at getting beaten up.  Below, you can see Rod in action in the Jim Lujan short ROD ROSSE THE ONE  MAN POSSE. Then stay tuned and see Rod star in REVENGEANCE, in production now!

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