Saturday, July 5, 2014


Bill Plympton's early line art for a very shady character.

Feel the pain.
This is Bill Plympton's line art for a character named Luis Escobar. He's a fugitive that we get to meet at the beginning of Revengeance. Rod Rosse has the distinct pleasure of trying to capture this sweaty, hairy, 300 lb behemoth of a man. Trivia fact: Luis Escobar was named after a very nice Luis Escobar, who is NOT a fugitive from the law nor is he 300 lbs hairy or sweaty. The real Luis Escobar works on the Simpson's TV show and is an amazing artist.  Jim Lujan decided to name this character after his friend, Luis, because of the total contrast in personality.

Check out the REAL Luis Escobar:

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