Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Design: Jim Lujan/Eddie Gee

Who are the INLAND EMPERORS? They are the fictional biker gang featured in the film REVENGEANCE (currently in production). They ride hard and die free.  Feared, dreaded, and more than ready to lay the smack down on anyone who gets in their way. From the Inland Empire high desert of southern California all the way to the glitzy streets of Beverly Hills, their rumbling engines can be felt. They come from shady beginnings and have ruthlessly risen to the top of the heap, as far as outlaw biker clubs go. Do they give outlaw bikers a bad name? Yes... and they will punch you in the mouth if you tell them so.

Ride Hard and die free, my friends.
More to come soon.

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  1. Hey, We have a Biker song named Ride Hard.. But we are not
    And we are from the IE.So is this a video game coming soon?? You might need a song!!..



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